Friday, July 30, 2010

friday's fabulous finds

I am a frequent, shopper...of thatjewelrygirl...and this is just one of her latest creations that is one my latest obsessions. I love it. I want it. 'Nough said.

Gorgeous, right?

I love the abstract flowers of etsy artist sometimesiswirl. This is an ORIGINAL pen and ink drawing, for...$25. That's right. How often can you get anything original for $25 these days? And it's charming and whimsical and black and white, which means it will go with just about any type of decor. (Although I'm getting a lot less matchy-matchy these days with artwork, and feel that if you like it, you should display it, whether it matches your throw pillows or not.)

You may have noticed me talking a lot about bunting recently. In fact, you may have previously not even known what "bunting" was (certainly true in the case of my husband who is now a reader) and have quickly transitioned to eye-rolling at the mere mention of bunting. But, I'm NOT DONE with my love affair or frequent mentions of bunting. I thought I was, but then I read Design*sponge today and saw this post about the gorgeous work of Kikilarue. She makes adorable tiny bunting out of fabric scraps to adorn cakes. Yes, cakes. Who woulda thunk it? They are tiny and charming and would work for just about any occasion where cuteness is required. Below are several more pics for your viewing pleasure. As soon as you're finished, head to Kikilarue's etsy shop. Right away.

Happy Weekend!! xoxo ~ Courtney


  1. hi i just popped over from little sooti and wanted to say hi and to let you know i just became a follower of your blog,loving your designs are always welcome to pop over my site anytime :) xx

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  3. Gosh, I'm glad I checked your blog - love it. I'm a new follower and fan...L.

  4. A bunting fan! I should have dedicated my enthusiastic bunting post to you ;p

    Seriously though, I really loved the cake bunting too, very sweet!


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