Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday's Fabulous Finds...turquoise and red

Happy Friday! I have a few lovely, summery finds for you today. I am loving the combination of turquoise and red, and today's post brings you a little of both. Turquoise is so cool and tropical, reminding me of gorgeous waters in a faraway places. The red is so vibrant and brings the heat...and what is summer without heat? Hope you enjoy these fabulous finds...

This is a tiny little piece of art, measuring only 4" x 4", but it's so dreamy! In fact, everything by dahliahousestudios is downright dreamy. She takes original photographs, then alters them by adding watercolors or other mediums. Soooo lovely. (Above is Red Dogwood Spring Blossom.)

I stumbled upon this GORGEOUS shop, lulusplendor, just today. She sells mostly bridal jewelry and hair accessories. It's enough to make me want to renew my vows! The blue swallow earrings above are gorgeous and I like their vintage appeal. The rest of her shop is filled with absolutely stunning rhinestones, crystals, and a feather or two. DELISH. 

This is a sweet set of 3 original paintings by myhouseofgiggles. I've been reading the blog, My House of Giggles, for a while now, and was excited when the lovely Tracie announced she was opening her Etsy shop. She has great taste, great style, and I knew it would be good. Sure enough, she has some beautiful original paintings and some lovely cake plates too. I'm really digging the simplicity and colors of the three paintings above. 

I just love the bright, happy colors of these cupcake liners. And by the way, I just got lost for a ridiculous amount of time in the Etsy shop of sweetestelle. This shop offers baking supplies...all colors and patterns of cupcake liners, retro-themed toppers, sprinkles, and other fun accessories. I found some ballerina cupcake toppers that I'm purposely not going to show you because I want them for myself. The only ballerina daughter's birthday is still six months away. To buy now, or not to buy now? that is the question.

That wraps up this edition of my Fabulous Finds. I hope your weekend is just fabulous!! :-)


  1. Well I think you know where I stand on aqua but for me, it's orange and aqua!


  2. I'll do that color combo just for you one of these days soon, LeAnn! :-)

  3. Great picks! I love "sweetstelle" shop too, I can spend a lot of time just looking at cupcake liners!

  4. Thank you for the kind mention! I love those retro ballerina toppers too - they remind me of birthday parties when I was little!


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