Monday, June 14, 2010

mahvelous mahket day

Finally...a weekend that felt like summer here in the Pacific Northwest! I love nothing more on a sunny Saturday than to browse my local farmer's market. I find that more and more recently, I am appreciating the beauty in things as simple as fresh green asparagus, or dazzling-ly red strawberries. It is artwork more complex and beautiful - not to mention functional - than I could ever create.

We call it "Gus" around our house. We adore it. A little olive oil, salt and pepper, grill it for just a few minutes. I'm getting hungry!

And if you weren't hungry before, surely you are now. Look at this red delicious-ness!

and know I love peonies. I bought a couple more bunches of them Saturday...some for me, some for my mom (who's recovering from surgery for colon cancer).


...and when peonies are only $5 for a large, glorious bunch - why wouldn't you indulge?

sooo purty

But, as always, I find myself drawn to truly artistic and creative vendors. This is one of my favorites.

Little Brown House Herbary guessed it...herbs! On Saturday the herbs were buy one plant, get one free. Woohoo!

 Above are sweet little bath salts that seller Linda Taylor made herself from her own herbs.

But what I liked more than the great herb deals, was the way that seller Linda Taylor used her artistic talents in creating a charming little space in which to sell her herbs. Above, my favorite thing at the whole farmer's market - which, sadly, was not for sale - was this table cloth she made for her space using burlap bags. I'll admit, I was swooning over it a bit. I told her she should sell them at the farmer's market too - she'd make a killing!

You can see Linda's artistic talent on this great chalkboard she made out of an old frame. I love it when people don't just use chalkboards to communicate information, but they do it in a way that's beautiful, too. Look at all the flowers she drew on the sign! I love to see people who care about making things not only funtional, but aesthetically pleasing, too. It makes a big difference to me.

And here's Linda herself...isn't she cute? She and her husband Jim are two of the nicest people, and she was very sweet to let a perfect stranger take her picture. I kinda felt like I wanted to come back every week just to visit with them! That's one of the cool things about the Farmer's Market. Somehow I just don't feel the same about going to the grocery store.

Can you say "YUMMY"?!


And ya know, only at the farmer's market are you invited to sample the cherries before you buy them! Love it.

What about you? Do you shop at farmers' markets?


  1. I wish our farmer's market was more popular. I live in a tiny little town next to a slightly less tiny town. This weekend our farmer's market at 4 booths, and the one in the next town had about 6. Still lots of plants and not so many crafts, vegetables or fruits yet. *sigh* :)

  2. Peony bunches for $5.00 wow!
    Those strawberries look perfectly ripe. Our local farmers market is nothing like this.

  3. Note to self: get on down to the farmer's market to buy some peonies this weekend!


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