Thursday, June 17, 2010

a big thank-you...and my own DIY list

Just a quick note to give a shout-out to two amazing blogs that featured my master bedroom makeover. Yesterday, I was featured on Better After, a blog that shows wonderful before-and-after photos of entire rooms or smaller projects. Today, my entire post about the bedroom makeover is featured at The DIY Show Off blog. It's a beautiful blog that shares before-and-afters, too, but gives a more in-depth look at the process the home-owner took to get from the before to the after. A big thank-you to both of these blogs!

And speaking of DIY, the other day I wrote down a list of all the projects around my house that are either half-finished, or haven't even begun yet. OY! It was a big list. I'm planning to tackle them all, one by one, and blog about the process. I can't believe I'm going to do this, but as a form of accountability for myself, I'm going to let you  have a peek at the list. Here goes nothin':
  • paint hope chest
  • hang curtain in upstairs bathroom (customize first...w/ ribbon? stencil? not sure)
  • paint downstairs bathroom + woodwork
  • put curtains or doors on nursery closet
  • paint mirror above piano (did it yellow is not okay...will fix VERY soon!)
  • re-decorate mantel for summer
  • paint/upholster yard sale ottoman in my basement
  • create clean & bright laundry room my SCARY basement
That's enough for now. There are a few other things on the list, but I've gotta have a few secrets, right? I'm not exactly sure when I will be accomplishing these things, but sometimes I think that just writing them down is half the battle. For me, it puts these tasks in the forefront of my mind and helps give me direction when I have a free moment. And the energy to spare. Ha! (When do I ever have energy to spare? Does any mom?) So wish me luck!


  1. Good luck Lady! You're alot braver than me putting that list out there ;) Loved meeting your blog through the DIY, I'm now a Follower!

  2. Your room looks fabulous! Congrats on the kudos. Glad you're back to blogging!

  3. Saw your bedroom makeover at the DIY Show off and I love it! It really is a gorgeous room! I had a favor to ask, the mirror hanging/sitting above your tall white dresser, could you send me a picture of it? I think I love it and I have a big round mirror like that and want to make mine look like yours! Thanks so much!
    My email is : )


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