Tuesday, January 26, 2010

fairies are afoot - a fairy-themed birthday party

a fantastical fairy-inspired arrangement

Maybe some of you have little girls who - like mine - are really into Tinkerbell. But I didn't want to do a blatantly "Tinkbell"-themed party for my daughters' birthdays this month. I think this way is a little more unique and fantasy-like. Plus I got to use lots of sparkly things. You know me and my sparkly things...I love them so.

My favorite thing was the garland...it was supposed to evoke images of woodland fairies...entwrined throughout it was pink fairy lights and tons of coloful and sparkly picks, birds, and butterflies.

I was able to find all kinds of fanciful picks on clearance after Thanksgiving and during the Christmas season. And the garlands themselves...fall decor once it had reached 90% off! You gotta love that.

I couldn't afford to buy new, brightly-colored candles for the event, so instead I pulled some out that I already had and went to work transforming them with scrapbook paper and double-sided tape. (I did not light them for the party - that probably would have induced fireworks of the non-celebratory type.)

 I bought just a couple of inexpensive bouquets from the supermarket, and was able to get my money's worth by spreading them out around the room and tables. Here they are mingled in with brightly-colored votive holders that I've had for years. The paper chain was made by my daughters!

My girls - ages three and five - made the paper chain. They are always anxious to "help" with the decorations...and this was a way that they could. I actually love it so much that it's been hanging in the living room for almost three weeks now.

On the mantel I placed a picture of the birthday girl...which I usually do at every birthday party. It was flanked by a huge arrangement of lighted branches (Christmas yard picks with LED lights - on clearance after Christmas - yay!). The vase was simply a clear vase, filled with Christmas lights, and then "dressed" in two "fairy" skirts from the dollar store that I layered on top of each other for a more ethereal effect.

Here's another shot of the branches arrangement.

I found that when I added gold branches with gold beads on them (more Christmas clearance) to my supermarket bouquets, they became much more "fairy-like". The cupcakes this time were pretty simple, just chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting and sprinkles in the colors of the party.

I put butterflies everywhere I could! Man, I should own stock in Michael's butterflies by now. Even more so because my older daughter's birthday party is this coming Saturday, and it ALSO has a fairy theme - so now that Michael's spring decor is out, I keep buying butteflies. Must...stop...accquiring...butterflies.

In a later post I'll share pics of the custom invitations I made for this party and also the upcoming one this weekend. I will also have more pics of party decor to show soon!


  1. I am doing a fairy theme for my daughter's third birthday this next weekend too!! what an elegant way to present it!!!

  2. oh, it all looks so pretty!!! such a lovely way to celebrate your girls! I'll be passing on the link to this post to some of my friends with girls of their own. lots of great ideas! thanks so much for sharing!!! :o)


  3. I love this! Such a great theme for a little girls party.

  4. your blog is absolutely stunning! I've enjoyed browsing around. I'm now adding it to my sidebar AND following on Google Reader. I look forward to coming back and seeing more of your creativity.

    xoxo MMW

  5. Beautiful. I have tons of butterflies for my Christmas tree~ I know how it is;o) Thanks for stopping by!


  6. such a lovely party- as usual, you did a great job making everything work together. you have some lucky kids!

  7. Wow. Your talent leaves me speechless. You give us details like what you did was effortless "just a doo dad here and a doo dad there" - but to me, it's the work of a genius! There's NO WAY I could have put something like this together. You are truly gifted!

  8. I would like a fairy party, please. :-)

    I mean...WOW! I especially love how you "recycled" (upcycled??) the candles. It's a party fit for a fairy princess!

  9. How cute is that! I love little girl parties! Great job, what a lucky daughter!

  10. This is so beautiful!! My daughter will turn 5 in May and I've been trying to think of some special way to celebrate her birthday. This is great inspiration. All the pictures you have posted of your home are so beautiful. I really struggle with decorating (and de-cluttering - something I have been working really hard on lately!) Thanks for sharing! Glad I found you!

  11. oh wow! this is gorgeous! I love the colors, butterflies and all of the details, it's beautiful!

  12. great pics, really great theme, my kids next birthday party nick will be this.


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