Saturday, January 23, 2010

new cards...and the gift of laughter

Here's another card style I listed recently in my new shop. It's called "iris cluster" and features...appropriately...a cluster of irises. Well. My powers of description are just amazing, aren't they?

This one is called "Victorian monogram".

So I listed this one the other day, but I have to tell you a story about it. I actually made this design as a "moving-away" present for a friend several months ago. This is one of those very best friends that I've known since I was twelve, and we know just about everything about each other. Or, at least I thought I did, until she opened up her gift at the party...and said, "What's the D for?" And I said, "Well, it's for your middle name, of course!" (thinking, oh dear, does she not know how a monogram works?) and she said, "But my middle name is Jill!" at which point I came to the crushing realization that I had forgotten her middle name and given her a most heartfelt gift...with the wrong initials. My girlfriends laughed until they had tears in their eyes. It turns out my gift was more about the entertainment factor than the stationery. You're welcome...wait, what was your name again?


  1. Oh, how funny!! At least you didn't forget her first name!!

    I love the cards!


  2. Hahahahaha! That totally sounds like something I would do. I'll try to find a real BDK for you. :-)

    And I'm all in for calling cards...definitely! For the shorehouse. :-) Let me know and I'll order through your etsy store.

  3. hilarious! my hubby got a monogrammed gift once and thought it was wrong, until i explained how monograms work...


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