Sunday, January 10, 2010

happy new year!

So we're already ten days into the new year and things have been BUSY around my place. Fairies are afoot at my house this month! This is the crazy month of birthdays and birthday parties for BOTH my daughters. This year they chose the SAME birthday theme (can you say REJOICE?) which allows me to recycle some decorations. I can't wait to show you photos of my three-year-old's little fairiy party...but I'm going to be cruel and just tease the photos are not quite finished being uploaded. I'm hoping to post them in the next couple of days.

Other thiings on the horizon for the new year: you know, I don't really have resolutions...just lists. To-do lists. (Can I get a "boring"?!)  For the purpose of my own clarity and also for a little accountabillity, here's what I'm hoping to accomplish:

- Totally re-do my bedroom...Like most moms I know, my bedroom is totally neglected and the bane of my existence. I'm not kidding. I'm talking cleaning, organizing, painting, and new furniture. (Do you think Ikea will accept Monopoly money? Cause unfortunately that's the only kind I've got at the moment. Hmm, note to self...find some money.)

- So, along those lines: find/make some money, preferably doing something I love. I'm really wanting to do a stationery shop on's just a matter of finding the time to sort out the details and get it set up. I'd also love to get back into interior redesign!

- Practice homeschooling. yep, I'm planning to homeschool my oldest next year for kindergarten and we're easing into it by doing some preschool-type activities here at home (I just pulled her out of preschool and now I have to make sure I replace it with some fun stuff.)

- Find more time to be creative. It seems like most of my creativity these days goes towards making my kids happy. That's probably how it should be, but it seems like a happy mom is important too., decorate, design, craft, create. My own creativity tank is pretty empty these days.

- Accomplish all of this while being SuperMom. I don't think that's asking for too much, is it?


  1. Having homeschooled 12 years (taking a year off this year...quite weird) I can tell you an awful lot of creativity goes into schooling the kiddos. It's so fun! 'Specially when they're little. :)

    I'm finishing up my bedroom as well....just did a post about it. Also looking into making some money creating some more handmade soap and selling locally at a little artsy coffee shop.

    Congrats on being a supermom!

  2. I think you are a wonderful mommy! If they take monopoly money, please tell me asap!!!

  3. I am truly exhausted just reading this post. :-)

    Happy New Year, Courtney! I'm happy you're back in this here blogosphere for 2010. P.S. Read your comment and cannot WAIT to see our lamps!! They were in another issue this past year -- Feb. or March? I recently dug it up again so now I'm super curious to see if it's the same room or if yet another person has our fabulous lamps. And to think we both got them as cast-offs. :-)

  4. You are really talented with the stationery stuff. I'm still hoarding several of the notecards you made for me because I hate to give them up! I think you should go for it. :-)

    Happy New Year!


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