Wednesday, February 10, 2010

just listed in my etsy shop...

custom rhinestone notecard set - "seeds"

custom rhinestone notecard set - "lilac flowers"

notecard set - "butterfly"

This last set was originally designed as a gift for our family's little friend Audrey. She's five years old and has leukemia. She loves pink and loves butterflies...she's a precious little girl, and it was fun to create this design with her in mind. I think it would work for little girls or grown up girls! Available, of course, with your own name or that of a friend.

Sorry this is a short's my birthday today, so finally MY turn to party...I can't wait to share with you more details of my daughter's fairy party last weekend. Coming soon, I promise!!


  1. The note cards a perfect! She has already used a couple of them! Happy Birthday, Courtney! I have it written down in my calendar and I still missed it. Hope it was a good one!

  2. Happy belated birthday!! Hope you had a fairy party, too. ;-)


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