Tuesday, February 23, 2010

behind the music...er, cards...

This card was inspired by my friend Sarah who loves simple, clean, cheerful designs. I named it "happy" because she likes...well, happy things. And for some reason I am on a real pink kick lately. Most of my life I hated pink...but then my first two babies were girls...and over the last few years I have totally given in to pink. Am even starting to allow pink accessories in my home. (Am starting to love pink...sshhh!) Never thought I would say that!

This card reminds me a little of a peacock's elaborate and elegant feathers. You can't see the rhinestones very well in this photo...but trust me, they're there. Four of those puppies. I love the elegance of this. I may translate this to a custom invitation at some point...but for now it would make a great thank-you card or personalized notecard.

And this little birthday card has come in handy for me on several occasions when I suddenly realized that I had purchased a birthday gift for a girlfriend...but of course, no card. When I look at this card, I have Abba's "Dancing Queen" running through my head...only with the words "Birthday Queen", of course. TMI?

And speaking of pink...(told ya)...here's another pink design with one delicious rhinestone. I am having fun with these...can you tell? Sometimes I feel like I have dual personalities...there's the side of me that loves things that are romantic and feminine, preferably with a vintage touch...and then there's the side that prefers the cleaner, more modern and simple sort of design. (Also preferably with a vintage spin.) I think my shop is beginning to reflect both sides of my personality. (I've got some other fun things up my sleeve, too...calling cards and custom invitations, coming soon! :-) )

~ You can find all the cards listed above in my Etsy shop. ~


  1. So pretty. Really loving that "birthday queen" card. You're so talented, Courtney!

  2. you know i want that birthday queen card... i'm bookmarking!


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