Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Paper Love: Paper Source

Just a quick post, since the day's half over...I just found out that my favorite paper/craft resource, Paper Source, is opening a store in my city! While this is extremely dangerous for me, it is also cause for great rejoicing. If you live anywhere near Portland, Oregon, mark your calendars for August 16. They'll be having a Grand Opening event in their new store, located on NW 23rd (of course! that's one of our swankiest districts).

In the meantime, for everyone else out there, I highly recommend you check out their sale. This is the last week of it and many of their items are up to 75% off...random papers, envelopes, cards, etc. For someone like me who loves paper, this is great. They also have a few letters like this one above. Get this: they are bare steel, 15" tall, originally $52 but on sale for $13. Hello! I just bought one. But I have to warn you: they don't have many left, so you may not find the letter you want. It's worth checking out, though!


  1. I love Paper Source! I wish they would come to Delaware! ;)

  2. OMG... didn't know you loved paper... this IS what I LIVE FOR! There is nothing better than a latte and a quiet afternoon (kidfree) in a paper store. Haven't heard of it... shhhh don't tell my husband.


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