Friday, August 1, 2008

let's visit Farmhouse Funk, shall we?

So I told you guys I went to Astoria last weekend for a little family getaway, and it just so happened to coincide (okay, maybe it was a little less accidental than that) with the weekend of an antiques/collectibles sale, held outdoors at Farmhouse Funk. As the name implies, it's a farmhouse that's overflowing with antiques, collectibles, and gifts, and every year it plays host to lots of vendors who come to sell more of the same. I had a lot of fun, but have to admit that there weren't quite as many vendors as I'd been hoping for...and the prices weren't as low as I'd been hoping for. Actually, if I had gone back on Sunday, allegedly everything would have been half-price...but I didn't make it back Sunday, so thankfully I'll never know what treasures were left and what bargains I missed. Still, it's always eye candy for me to go to these things, because there are no two items just alike, and there are often such interesting finds. Come along with me and feast your eyes on some of these goodies...

I loved this green metal 3-tier plant stand, but I won't even tell you how much it was. Let's just say I gasped. And not in a good way.

cute little potting bench...

here's the bottom half of that potting bench...

more garden stuff...kinda fun

love these chairs...but they were in bad shape (and the price didn't really reflect that). it would've been taking your life in your own hands to sit in one for any period of time...but they were cute :-)

don't look at the chairs on the ends...just look at the cute green drop-leaf table with matching green chairs. I mean cute.

Quilts. I don't collect them (my mom does), but I can definitely appreciate the crafstmanship and stories behind them.

Ahh...isn't this adorable? My mom went back the next day and bought it (at a discount!). Now my babes will dine in style at her house. :-)

old architectural elements...always fun and get my wheels turning

ooohh...another cute wooden high chair...

and these...I just took a picture of them because they're so quirky...little mugs that are historical men's heads?? go figure.

sweet child's rocker...

...and last, but not gotta love a sale where there are tables piled with stuff and everything's only two dollars on the table. There was even a $1.00 table and a 50-cent table, no joke!

Now that I look back the pictures, I'm thinking, "And why did I not buy anything again?" I think it was that Murphy's law that says, when you have money in your pocket to spend, you can't find anything you want to buy; but when you have no money whatsoever, absolutely everything looks good. Anyone else experienced this, or is it just me?

I hope you enjoyed our little virtual tour. You were a very polite (and quiet) guest. Come again, anytime!

PS - If you're missing my typical Friday's Fabulous Finds posts that feature amazing Etsy artists, never can read up on past posts or stay tuned for another one next Friday! Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday!


  1. Well, this was fun! I had a high chair just like that when I was little, and it's been used for all the grandkids in my mom's house since. It's not a fun red color, though (just stained wood). I also love the plant stand. Too bad it was so expensive!

    I can't remember if I already told you how much I loved your ideas for my "To Do Now That I'm Famous" List, but you cracked me up. And I was glad to give you a much-deserved blog award--I love stopping here every day.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Courtney! -Julia :-)

  2. What a fun collectible fair! Too bad the prices were unreasonable. Doesn't that drive you up a wall? Sometimes I can't figure out how some people think they are going to sell anything.

    I take it you have a chair "thing"? I know I do! I used to buy high chairs, doll high chairs, kid chairs, ladder back chairs... whatever!... at an alarming rate. I've scaled back. lol

  3. hi Courtney, loved this tour especially the first pic of the green shelf, c'mon you must tell us how much they were trying to get for it, I wonder who buys these things, surely many people who attend these things are thrifty hunters and they wouldn't pay outrageous prices?

    I also love that potting bench and the welcome sign above it, i'd love a potting bench, yet another want for the cottage lol!

    and the drop leaf table with the chairs, right up my street...

    oh and the Murphy's Law thing I seem to really get when I'm in a real mall for clothes, when I have some money to spend and off to my favourite shop on earth they'll be nothing I can spend on...go figure


  4. okay, okay Sarah...I cannot resist your begging...the three-tier plant stand was $169!!! Seriously! Is it just me, or is that ridiculously expensive for a plant stand? For something that looked like a reproduction too - not even an antique (I saw another one just lilke it in cream).

  5. $169?!?!? I'm so glad you offered "full disclosure." :-) That is nuts.

    I love that red high chair so much I probably would have contemplated buying it. Which is pretty pathetic since there's no kids is our family! However...I would have piled up those $2 dishes for my little cake stand craft projects. For SURE.

    Thanks for this little tour. I love going to flea markets/yard sales, etc. -- in person or virtually!

  6. I so agree with the Murphy's Law opinion. I can't tell you how many times I have gone shopping for whatever with money in hand-nada! Never works. Except that one time when I went to Vegas, I had money in my pocket and even spent more. My hubby was so not thirlled!!!
    I am wondering myself why you didn't buy anything? Not even a cute little 50 cent plate? You are better than me :)

  7. Courtney!~ I am back up and running, my blog address is slightly different. Thanks for being such a great friend! :)Jen R

  8. Woooooooooooooow. I wish there was stuff around here like that! I see lots of stuff on the $2 table that I want.. mainly the white thingies..


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