Friday, August 29, 2008

makes me want to a good way...

some of the hats Blaze collected - photo from her blog

Remember my little friend Audrey? She's four and has leukemia. And do you remember Etsy artist BlazeDanielle? I just featured her sweet children's illustrations and artwork recently. Well, you have to look at what Blaze did for Audrey. Check out Blaze's blog (which is sooo lovely) for the details! In a nutshell, Blaze contacted several other Etsy artists and offered to trade one of her prints for one of their handmade hats. She collected TWENTY handmade, unique hats, just Audrey's size, and sent them all to her in the mail this week. Audrey was in the hospital when she received them and it totally made her day. She had so much fun trying on each and every hat.

purple night by Blazedanielle

I have to say, this not only made me so glad I featured Blaze's work recently, it made me wish I had given her an even longer and more glowing recommendation! This kind of thing just makes me want to cry; the sweetness and generousity she showed is wonderful...and she did it so creatively. Thank you Blaze!!!


  1. Wow. That's such an amazing gift she gave Audrey. Got me all choked up reading about it this morning. Please keep us posted on how Audrey is doing. We'll keep sending up prayers! -Julia

  2. What an amazing and creative gift! A wonderful artist through and through!
    Thank you for all your prayers and blessings!
    Have a wonderful Labor Day,
    kari & kijsa


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