Thursday, September 4, 2008

a slow beginning to Fall Nesting

Here's my one attempt at fall decor so far: the wreath on my front door. I picked this up on sale at JoAnn Fabrics the other day, and my favorite part about it is that it looks so real. The base of it is made of real branches, and the only fake part is the little blossoms with berries. I'm kind of picky about my wreaths that way - I don't want anything that looks blatantly fake. I'd like it to at least appear like I could possibly have crafted it by hand myself. (raucous laughter!) The less plastic stuff, the better.

It still feels a little early to do much fall decorating, but I can't ignore the chill in the air in the mornings. It's sunny here in Portland, Oregon, but the light is starting to look different, and even my 3 1/2 year old daughter has been commenting on how the leaves are starting to change colors. So, today I have a rare day at home...I plan to do housework (the H-word) and as my reward, will through in some redecorating and fall nesting when I've got things cleaned up a bit. I'm hoping to have some pics for you soon. Maybe tomorrow? Recently I've been lax on my Friday's Fabulous Finds posts, and I can't decide if I should bring the post back tomorrow or wait till next week. I guess it depends on whether I have any Fall Decor Fabulousness to show you or not!


  1. Cute wreath! I might have to go find it. We haven't quite had the color change yet, but it's coming. We have rain rain rain.... I know you' show us some amazing fall pics later ;)

  2. Neat Wreath! Looks like Fall!

    Love your blog!

    with regards,

  3. Great wreath! I could use a new one on my door. It's starting to look a little weathered and worn.

    It's still SO hot here. Nearly 100 yesterday. It's hard for me to believe fall is really coming when it's this warm. -Julia

  4. What a sweet wreath. I love Fall wreathes and that is a great one! I have taken that type of wreath and put it on my dining room table with a glass votive, candle and fall dried pods and berries. It was cute!

    -Sandy Toes

  5. That IS a great wreath. I love simple, clean wreaths exactly like that one. I plan on "falling up" my summer wreath soon. I hope I don't screw it up. I don't have any flower arranging talent. At ALL. I am so jealous you are getting cooler weather! It's still high 80's here and it feels hotter. Hard to get in an autumn mood like that!

  6. So lovely - looks amazing on your door! I know it fall already?

  7. I like your wreath. I feel the same way about things like that. If I'm not going to make it, I'd like it to look like I might have.

    Hope you're feeling well.


  8. That is a lovely wreath! I think getting into Fall is a process, and for me it often starts with that wreath on the door! :-)



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