Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday's Fab Finds

It's late in the day...and I'm a little pooped from a (fun) redesign this morning...but I figure better to post late than never! I'll share the redesign pics with you next week, and for are a few things I'm loving on Etsy recently:

Seedheads silk-lined clutch bag by redrubyrose

animal damask coasters by theseawithin

nettle pillow by enhabiten

custom cupcake toppers by maryhadalittleparty

Venice Light by KACompson

Alexander's Delightful Day (original painting) by paigetwelve

Enjoy these finds, and support these artists by checking out their super-cool shops this weekend. See you back here on Monday!


  1. Love the cake toppers and the elephant pillow...

  2. And i looked back and realized I missed your post on your announcement!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I have to tell you the 3rd is the easiest. The only down side is WAY more laundry...but they are the's great because the two older ones play together and leave you alone for a while. When are you due?

  3. I LOVE that clutch!

    Congrats too....however, my 3rd was NOT the easiest! ;)

  4. Love that nettle pillow! Just ordered something similar (but super long for my bed) from our etsy friend Quiltification.

  5. You always have the best eye candy on here!! I'll take one of each, too!!


  6. Great finds! :) I love those pink coasters! :)

  7. I found your blog looking for ideas for a baby shower... and you definitely have some cute ideas!

    I have to say, I got redrubyrose clutches for my bridesmaid gifts and a couple for myself- I love them!

  8. LOVE that first purse - so wonderful!


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