Saturday, December 8, 2012

Season of Hope: Happy Christmas Decor

This is a special Christmas for our family. This year our son Caleb has shown tremendous progress. We are seeing him develop in some exciting new ways, including taking his first steps with the help of a walker, working on feeding himself, and trying to talk. My outlook is more hopeful this December than it's been in a long time, and you can see my optimistic outlook in how I've decorated for Christmas this year. In years past, I've used mostly silver and white elements, with maybe one additional accent color thrown in. This time, ALL the bright and happy colors were invited to the party!

I always like to put my own spin on things, however. I like to be different. So, I suppose not ALL the colors were invited to the party. Red and gold were not welcome. But if pink leopard print ribbon showed up - well, the doors were thrown wide open!

Even my new candle sconce received peacock blue more boring white ones for you, buddy. (I recently purchased it at Back Porch Vintage, where we have our antique booth.)

$20 for this yummy candle sconce! Made in Italy! Can you even believe it?

I've been trying to collect colorful vintage glass ornaments this year at garage sales. It's been slow going because apparently everybody else has decided to collect vintage ornaments this year too, but I still managed to score a few good deals.

The glitter on this ornament hardly even sparkles anymore because it's so old...but that's part of the charm.

Oh boy...the tree topper with a Story. Basically, my husband's parents have had the same groovy tree-topper for as long as my husband can remember. It looks kind of like ours, only ours is a reproduction. Theirs is an original vintage star topper that rotates inside and sends lighted patterns across the ceiling. That vintage tree topper of theirs is like the only material possession that Chad and his sister care about, and they routinely fight over who's going to get it in The Will. So finally, a couple of years ago, my wonderful brother-in-law surprised us by buying both families reproduction star toppers to replicate the family heirloom one. So, we have come to a truce. For now.

I spotted these spiky frosted branches at Real Deals a few weeks ago, and I just couldn't resist them. This year I really wanted a flocked tree, but we've been making a real effort to eliminate chemicals from our home and we were concerned about what impact the flocking spray might have on our little home environment. So, this is my nod to a flocked tree. I also stuck white poinsettias in here and there to give the illusion of snow drifts.

Here's the floating shelf above our TV. The lighted twig garland also happens to be from Real Deals, although that was a few years ago now. I found the giant snowflake ornament at the Dollar Tree of all places and bought several to hang on the outside of our house as well.

I needed to bring some of those happy Christmas colors over to the other side of the room, so I put some ornaments in this footed bowl. I bought a whole bunch of vintage hot pink ornaments at Goodwill last Christmas that all still had their original pink tulle bows attached and were in their original boxes. I was going to sell them in our antique booth this year, but in the end, I couldn't let them go. There are some pitfalls to being in the buying and selling business, let me tell you...namely, the buying is sometimes easier than the selling and that can get dangerous.

Last month I did something a little unorthodox. I eliminated my dining room altogether and converted it back into a more formal living room space. It's small - especially with a huge Christmas tree added - but it provides a cozy gathering space around the fireplace, which I've missed having over the last several years. This pic is taken from what has now become the "family room" half of the room. It's a small front room that is long and narrow, and we've only ever really utilized one half of it at a time. This year I plan on changing that. We've already bought a cord of firewood for the first time ever because I am determined to make that fireplace earn its keep! I had times last winter where I would be so chilled that I would light a fire and then sit next to it in a hard dining chair. This year I plan on cuddling up on the love seat with a cup of tea and a cozy throw.

This sign fit perfectly above a doorway. It's ironic that Christmas is really about the peace that Jesus brought and offers to the entire world, and yet for many of us it can be the least peaceful time of year. I find that if I can just keep my focus on him, I have plenty of it. I'm praying for peace for my family and yours this season.

My white narcissus got dressed up in a bright blue zebra-print ribbon. Why not zebra print for Christmas, I say? Behind it you can see my mirrored garland. I love that it adds a bit of sparkle in a mod way. I almost always purchase fresh cedar garland for my mantel and love it...but this year I just felt like having a lighter look. Saved some money on not buying garland...are you reading this honey? Brownie points!

Here's my little collection of mercury glass candle holders and random silver Christmas trees...with a little vintage carnival glass thrown in for fun.

I painted and glittered this a month or so ago. I was inspired by a glitter artist I saw on an episode of  "Home by Novogratz" on HGTV. "Hope" is really my buzz word right now. There is hope that Caleb will soon walk, feed himself, and talk. Hope that we may have a diagnosis soon. Hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

And most importantly, for those of us who know Jesus, hope of an eternal future with him where there  is no more pain, no more struggling, no more disability.

HOPE. It's a powerful word.

Here's to a happy, HOPE-filled Christmas for all of us!


  1. I love, love, love all your colors!!! I'm so excited for all the HOPE you've been given this year and in the years moving forward. Praise Jesus!!! I've been thinking of you often . . .

    1. THANK YOU Jackie!!!!! Hugs and smiles, Courtney

  2. I really love your use of color on your mantle. Very pretty.

    1. Thanks Tiffany! Thanks for stopping by!! :-) Courtney

  3. I just found your blog from Pinterest and it made me think of this: You should enter a picture of your "hope" mantel into Emily Henderson's mantel contest-- It is gorgeous and refreshing. here's the link
    I didn't enter cuz I'm not a mantel designer, but you definitely are... Merry Christmas!


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