Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Inspired Handmade Gifts and Packages

Hostess Gift Set (you choose patterns) by CityChicCountryMouse
I don't know if you realize this, but Christmas is coming. In fact, it's right around the corner and will be upon us before we know it. A friend posted on Facebook today that her kids all want Christmas to hurry up and get here, but she needs it to slow down because she feels the impending "deadline" of making it all happen. I can relate! That's why, instead of actually making it happen right now, I'm feeling a bit worn out and rebellious and am blogging instead. There's still plenty of time to choose unique, handmade gifts and wrap them beautifully.

Here's the thing that always gets me. Our family does a gift exchange and there are mostly men in the family. Which means that every year, instead of getting to purchase some of these lovely handmade things, I instead have to go buy tools, dress shirts, or Home Depot gift cards. A girl can only buy so many boy things before she goes crazy. So this is my reprieve!

Need help getting those gifts to look even half as good as the ones you see on Pinterest? I found this sweet Etsy shop called Kawaii Goodies that has everything from baker's twine (an extra-chunky version I've not seen before) to rhinestone ribbon (YES PLEASE!!!) to washi tape to cute "handmade with love" stickers. For my own "DIY" version, I have some of those little doilies which I will be using in combination with baker's twine and various ribbons for wrapping some of my gifts. I also have some tulle ribbon in pale pink that I purchased years ago for one of my daughter's birthday party decor, but it has come in so handy as ribbon on wrapped packages. It's different and makes the gift seem extra special.

Gypsya is a shop that is new to me, although judging from all their positive press from other high-profile blogs and shops (anthropolgie sound familiar, anyone?) it's been around a while. I stumbled onto this shop while searching for organic bedding on Etsy. I've absolutely fallen in love with her textiles. If I could, I would re-do my girls' bedroom in white and use her blankets (#2 and #8) for a big pop of color. Then, I would get her animals duvet cover (#4 or #6) for my sons bedroom. At the risk of seeming creepy, I'd go even further and would wear her scarves (#3 and #5) while carrying her purse (#7) while creating a masterpiece using her homemade watercolor paints, made from flowers! (#1).

This is the part where I have to sheepishly admit I just purchased two of her lovely pillow covers (#9)  when she had a Facebook sale. They have arrived and are lovely and happy and are just waiting for pillow inserts. Where have you been all my life, Gypsya?

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  1. Wait....what...gosh you're here!!! I was coming by to see if I could grab an email address to say hello and wish you a happy new year. It's so lovely to see you all bloggy and fancy over here!! (I wish I could say the same, lol.) SO happy and I definitely want to carve out some time to check in on my bloggy faves again in the new year. Also just saw you were on pinterest, too. Yay!


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