Monday, August 30, 2010

time to front room

My front room this week 

I spent a fair amount of time cleaning, redecorating, and organizing my home this week. Not something I would have ordinarily planned in addition to my already busy schedule for the week, but something happened that I wasn't counting on. When you get an email from a magazine editor who is considering your home for a feature in their magazine (WHAT?!?) but they need a few photos of the layout of your home, you get busy. Never have I had better motivation to clean and organize. I don't even want to admit how long it took me to get each room ready for these photos. When you have three kids under five...well, you can imagine how scary things can get around this place.

my front room...from another angle

It was great motivation to finish a lot of half-finished projects, too. I got several things spray-painted that had been waiting for weeks...months?...for their lovely new coats. I'll show you the details of those things in another post.

my mantel with artwork I embellished myself (more on that in a later post)

This is the closest thing I've got to an entryway! This is that yellow vase I made a while back.

my "entertainment center"...really a yard-sale buffet

my beloved piano and newly re-re-painted mirror above (remember the yellow disaster?)

my favorite huge white bowl (from Crate & Barrel) with lemons and my mantel in the background

these roses were all from my own front yard...I love the colors!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this little tour of my front room (which is really two rooms!). I'll show you my kitchen later on this week. I still don't know whether they will want to shoot my home for the magazine or not...but I figure, even if they don't...the amount of cleaning and sprucing up I did this week was PRICELESS!  In fact, the whirlwind of activity was so impressive that my husband tried to tell me that somebody wants to photograph our junk drawer for a magazine and could I spruce it up for pictures? He's a funny guy. ;-)


  1. cosy cosy cosy. love it. btw, i like your single sitter white chair...

  2. Your home is beautiful. I love the blue glass bottles on your mantle!!!

  3. Oh I want to visit! It looks so cheerful.

  4. i would steal every last thing in this room(s). :)
    love love love this space and all the color and character-filled pieces!

  5. I've been a silent follower of your blog. I really love everything in your room, the colors, the pieces, everything! We are planning to construct our very own home. I'll be having a great help through your blog in terms of decoration. More power!

  6. It looks wonderful.. good luck.. I hope that you make it! I would be so excited for you!!!

  7. Yard sale buffets are the bestest TV stands. :-) And good luck with the magazine!! The house looks fabulous.

  8. Thanks for sharing. I love your beregere (sp) chair and piano and loving that pillow on the ikea chair.


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