Friday, May 21, 2010

beautiful things in the mail

My Friday's finds will have to wait...till next Friday I guess...'cause I'm just so excited about this recent NestInk order that I had to share it with you!

Here is part of a large custom order I did recently for a surprise birthday dinner. The customer ordered a different design as a personalized party favor for each guest. I think that is so cool!

 And you know how I am. Once I found out that they were favors for an event, I offered to package them up in a way that would coordinate with the event colors. This customer sent me a link to the gorgeous invitations she had already sent out, and I found the perfect ribbon to coordinate, in addition to the white paper lace I like to use. I can't help myself...I get ridiculously excited about these little things. Just ask my husband! He just shakes his head and smiles.

As a special surprise, I also created these little gift tags that coordinated with the card packaging. My customer can choose to use them as gift tags for each card set at the party - or save them to use herself! The photo above is a little dark (sorry), but there's a beige flower with a tiny rhinestone on each little gift tag.

I did my best to make the package beautiful. In fact, even the postman commented on "what a pretty little box". Even my packing tape is decorative! I just think that ordering beautiful things from my shop should be an experience, from the moment the box arrives. It should be attractive and build anticipation for whatever's inside. Like a beautifully-wrapped Christmas gift!

And while I was at it, I finally created new business cards for myself! Each one is, of course, adorned with a tiny rhinestone. Sigh. I just love this sort of thing. (Silly, I know. But it's just how I was built, I guess!) I will most likely be adding business cards/calling cards to my Etsy shop very soon. Needing a new business card or even a Mommy calling card for yourself! Contact me and I'll make something special just for you. :-)


  1. There is truly nothing like opening a box with extra touches. You just know the inside is even better.

  2. Wow, these days it's so hard to find someone who goes the extra mile. You're an inspiration!

  3. I'm sure you inherited most of your style from your father's side of the family


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