Wednesday, November 11, 2009

it's not just a jar

It's time, my friends, to pay homage to that humble, yet often overlooked piece of glassware known as The Jar. I was looking around my house the other day and realized that glass jars are one of my favorite methods for organizing and storage. I love them because they never wear out...are easily recycled...and they look cute no matter what they're doing. (Just like me...right?)

image: naturemoms

I love the way these ordinary jars were transformed into candleholders that look like etched glass. Just create your own shape with contact paper...stick it on...spray with frosted glass spray paint...then peel of your contact paper shape...and voila! How cute is that? Perfect for Christmas or Fourth of July or anytime! (Note to self: I actually have Frosted Glass spray paint that I've NEVER used...must use it for this idea!) By the way, I found this idea along with a great post at Nature Moms blog that lists ten ways to reuse glass's worth a read.

baby shower favors: dried papaya and Russian tea mix
image: nesting instincts "Baby Meet Orange"

I have glass jars that I use for cotton balls, Q-tips and bars of soap in the bathroom. I have a small jar in the cupboard that stores extra razors. In the kitchen, I have huge jars for rice and candy (shouldn't everyone have a huge jar for candy?). I have a tall skinny jar for spaghetti and several other sizes for other pastas. We use jars to collect spare change. We burn jar candles. We use jars to hold spare pens and pencils. I've even given away party favors in jars (see above). I recently re-organized my pantry and put lots of things in jars. Oh, it felt good.

How do you like to re-use glass jars? Any thoughts?


  1. I love the idea of using the frosted glass spray paint. Did you use little tea lights or votives?

  2. Hannah - alas, I was not the creator of these beautiful jars...but I would recommend tealights as votives tend to melt and make a big mess! :-)

  3. I am a fan of the jar. We have our Halloween candy in a jar.

  4. You totally look cute no matter what you're doing. ;-)

    I love the candle holders! Great idea for sure.

  5. For a practical use, I store my touch up paint in glass jars. They take up a lot less room and are much cuter than drippy old paint cans. (They also don't rust shut!)

    ps-just found your blog and am thrilled to see you are in Oregon City, I'm a Canby resident! :D


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