Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I just had to show off one of my (few) finds from this summer's garage sale adventures. I was sick and/or having surgery for much of the summer...so I wasn't on top of my game in the bargain-hunting department...but I did score these beauties! It's a boat-load of serving pieces from the Hexagon collection of Johnson Bros. ironstone. I looked up the pattern and found that they are not necessarily old...as in antique...but the cost to purchase each of these pieces individually would have set me back at least $500 total!

But I didn't pay $500. How much, you ask??

$15. That's right, people...fifteen buckaroos. I was a happy girl the Saturday I scored these. I now have a true "collection" of white serving pieces...ironstone and otherwise. Don't ya just love a good deal?


  1. $15?!?! Well what you lacked in volume of garage sales you certainly made up for in quality! Sorry to hear your summer was filled with not-so-greatness. That's not right. :-( But glad you're up and about and blogging! Hopefullly that's all behind you now.

    Except for the bargains. I hope you have lots more of them. ;-)

  2. Fantastic deal, Courtney!! It was your lucky day! I love it. SO many pieces...

    I have an Ironstone teapot, creamer and sugar, but they have no markings. They too, were a steal at a resale shop!! Good job!! :-)


  3. I love my Johnson Bros ironstone. I have serving pieces in white that were my grandparents', plus yellow hexagonal which was my mom's every day china in the 60's. Fun!

  4. Oh, my gosh. $15?! That's amazing for all that ironstone. And it's so pretty--I'm jealous! :-)

  5. OMG! I just posted how I want new white china, I woulda scooped that up

    thanks for the papersource link, looks good!


  6. oooooooh I LOVE it!!! Such a good deal!!! Gotta love garage sales.

  7. I remember my mom having those when I was growing up . . . I'm feeling nostalgic! I'll have to ask her if she still has any of them. Too cute and what a great find@

  8. AMAZING! I especially love those teapots you found. I'd love to see what all you'd find if you were completely healthy! :0)

    Teresa <><



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