Monday, March 19, 2012

my new space at Oregon Antique Mall

Hi there! Just checking in with my old Nesting Instincts peeps. Letting you know that while Nesting Instincts, the business, has been laid to rest, I still get to have a creative outlet. My mom Georgia and I have a little space at Oregon Antique Mall in Oregon City, Oregon. If you are ever in town, you should come visit! It's a great new antique mall that has been remodeled recently and is full of wonderful vendors. My mom and I are calling our little venture "Cottage Queens" and we sell a lot of re-purposed vintage, crafted items (using vintage materials) and awesome "junk".

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Cottage Queens has a new home! You can find us in Aurora, Oregon at Back Porch Vintage!

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  1. Hey girl! Love your site! Here are the links for my two blogs:

    Nice chatting with you today at church!

    Love, Anna


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