Wednesday, September 29, 2010

corner cupboard makeover

Here's just a little project I did recently. It only took me about twenty minutes, but I think the difference is great!
corner cupboard before 

I started with this white corner cupboard. Actually, when it was first given to me by my mom, it was navy blue. I promptly painted it white and put it in the girls' playroom. Fast-forward a year or two and it took on new life in my kitchen. However, it was pretty boring and I felt it needed more color...not to mention, I have a lot of white dishes that I'd like to display, but I felt that white dishes in a white cupboard would really be BOR-ing.

cupboard after

So, I whipped out some paint I had purchased for another project, and in about twenty minutes, had a whole new look! Just one coat did the trick. Now, the white dishes really stand out more, and I have more of my favorite color (turquoise) in the kitchen now!


  1. pretty!! i love the color you used. :o)

  2. I love the blue with the white! It is beautiful!

  3. I just love that! It's a beautiful piece, noce job!

  4. Oh that turned out great!!! Love it!



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