Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday's Fabulous Obsessions...I mean Finds

So normally for Friday's Fabulous Finds, I like to showcase five or six different Etsy shops and their products that I find to be...well...fabulous! But today, I have found a shop that is just so in their offerings that I am only focusing on that ONE shop today. Ladies and gents...may I present Etsy seller dedetsyshop .

Exhibit A: French rose pillow in cream and white linen. This actually has me drooling.

Don't want white? This one is in grey and pink linen. Oh. My. She offers LOTS of color choices for this pillow style, and would be happy to make a custom combination for you if you don't see one you like.

like this one in cream and grey...

moving on to another style, this one is the silver fuzzy dandelion pillow. I likey.

or how about this fresh green hydrangea pillow? uh-huh.

this one is a lumbar style with several smaller roses. it is so romantic without being over the top. (not that I mind occasionally being over the top!)

I'm in love with this LOVE pillow, on beige linen. You had me at "linen", but then wrote "love" on it. It doesn't get much better than that.

This is the Morning Dew Garden Roses pillow. It was recently featured in Family Circle magazine - congrats, dedeetsyshop!

And last, but not least...for the kiddos (or yourself, if you're bananas)...the Silly Monkey pillow. I dig it.

There were SO many other pillow designs I could have featured. You can tell I'm feeling a little romantic...a little shabby...and as always, a whole lotta chic. I hope this post will just whet your appetite to go check out the extensive selection online at dedeetsyshop. Tell them I sent ya! :-)

Stay tuned for the Big Reveal: Courtney's {Accidental} Bedroom Makeover...coming next week! (There are actually two of the pillows above on my wishlist for my "new" bedroom...I'll let you try and guess which ones!)


  1. Oh Courtney! These pillows are so lovely! I want to cover my sofa and bed with them. What pretty pretty finds.

  2. The morning dew and all white are my favorites. Thanks for sharing her work.


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