Sunday, October 25, 2009

fall nesting and an identity crisis

Hi friends! Here are a few photos of my humble attempts at fall decor this year. I have jumped into domesticity with wild abandon and have been doing crazy things like organizing my pantry...organizing my linen closet...organizing my daughters' room...deep cleaning my floors...and generally planning to take over the world.

In addition to these dazzling displays of home economics, I have been introduced to the world of Mom's Shuttle Service, now that my eldest daughter is in preschool. It sorta cramps my style to have to be in the car so frequently (well, if I were shopping, that would be different) but five weeks in, I think I'm starting to get the hang of it..

Since my schedule is now so limited...due to aforementioned Mom's Shuttle poor redesign business is left on the back burner, hoping desperately for attention. The fact is, my kids are my priority right now...and there's been enough drama and separation anxiety and frenetic activity to last for a year, just packed into the last month. It just doesn't seem feasible right now to add in the frequent times needed for redesigns. Finding childcare, getting someone to pick up my daughter at school, coordinating the baby's schedule, blah blah blah.

But the fact is, people, I NEED a creative outlet. There's got to be something I can daydream about while mopping my floors. There's got to be something fun (translated, right-brain) that I can think about while carrying out all the left-brain activities of running a household and a family. And you know, all of this would be easier to imagine if I didn't need to sleep at night. If I didn't need to sleep - imagine all the crafty, creative pursuits I could be working on while the rest of the family slept! I could have taken over the world already by now!

But I can't yet for the life of me think of what that would be. I've got my little card business idea...but do I really want to be running around filling orders all the time? The fun part is designing the cards...once they're designed...everything else is that darn left-brain again.
I've always loved the party-planning stuff, and have definitely not forgotten about it either. And the one-time nature of a party might be more up my alley these days. Hmm....
I guess what you have here, people, is a redesigning/party-planning/graphic-designing mommy with an identity crisis!


  1. I totally get you on this one!
    the running around, cleaning up trying to stay afloat- wanting to do something crafty/ creative and having a hard time comitting to one outlet!! :)
    love the card idea- you're def. good at that.

  2. Hey there sister! great to see you again! I think what ever you do will be fabulous!

  3. Courtney!!!!!!! I've missed you. :-)

    I hear you...I do not have ANY kids and I can't find the time to eat lunch much less keep up with my blog or anything else fun & creative. You really are good at the cards, and given your schedule at least you could do the design and fulfillment off-hours (as opposed to party planning, where your schedule would have to be dictated by the party's date). But you should dip your toes in the water with some sort of turn-key "Party Mommy" package -- do the invites, the party design and shopping. Think of the marketing possibilities..."Need to throw a baby shower at your house but not sure where to start? Leave it to Party Mommy!" :-)

    Whatever you do, I look forward to following you!

    xo, Laura

  4. thanks Leslie and Jen! Nice to know a few of you still are still following me. :-)

    Laura, those are great ideas. I love them! i will definitely think about it. I can't ever seem to figure out how to respond to direct comments, so this will have to do for now I guess...if anyone knows a better way, let me know!


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