Friday, January 16, 2009

sneak peeks

Happy New Year everyone! Okay, so I realize that January 16 is a little late to finally get around to saying it...but hey...I'm doing everything a little more slowly these days! I am feeling large and grumpy and can't believe I still have another 8 weeks of pregnancy left. The nursery is coming along - slowly but surely - and while I don't have any photos of the actual room to show you yet, I thought I'd give you a sneak peak of some of the components. I'm excited because I think the room will be really fun, bright and cheerful. It's been over four years since I got to plan a nursery, because my second daughter just got integrated into her sister's room, so as you can imagine, I'm having fun thinking and dreaming about this one.

I like this wall from apartment therapy

First off, you'll just have to picture a white crib along with a set of white 1960's furniture that I bought off Craigslist - it is SO very retro and fun. There's one long, low dresser, a taller highboy, and two matching nightstands. I'm using one of them in the living room as an end table, but the rest of the furniture is in the nursery. I got the whole set for $80!

Target bedding

The walls will be turqoise/aqua - not too pale, because with all that white furniture I don't want it to look feminine. Then, this bedding from Target - I waited till after Christmas to buy it and snagged it as soon as it went on CLEARANCE - yes!!

Then, I got this rug at Ikea. It's about 4' x 6' and was on SALE for $19.99. Have I mentioned I LOVE Ikea? I'll be accenting mostly with red (although all colors are welcome!).

This is a great mobile from thewonderlandshop that was one of my Christmas presents (by my request, of course)! I love all the colors, and of course the circles correspond with the dots on the bedding. Love it!

More red to accent with - this one's still on the wishlist - but it's a lovely red retro-inspired lamp from Ikea.

And last but not least, just a couple of pieces of artwork that I'm drooling over for the nursery:

"You Dropped from Heaven" by dazeychic

"Don't burst my bubble" by shelbyhealey

And one more sneak peek...I know I'm on a "blog break" but I won't be able to resist sharing pics with you from my daughter's birthday party coming up. She's turning four and wants a "strawberry party" for the first time ever, rather than making my own invitations, I turned to Etsy seller thepaperplayground who created this adorable set of invitations, thank-you's, favors, and cupcake toppers for me! How cute are they?! Can't wait to show you the rest!

"How Sweet" strawberry invitation set from thepaperplayground


  1. Woo hoo! A post from Courtney! Good to hear from you and I can't wait to see the finished nursery. I love your inspiration photos.


  2. Hi Courtney!
    Love the photos. It's nice to see a baby's room in primary colors as opposed to the usual pin & blue. Very cheerful :-)
    Have a great weekend!


  3. Hi, Courtney, so glad to see you out & about again & thanks for stopping by. This is going to be an adorable room!

  4. How fun to hear from you! Love the ideas you've gathered for the nursery. And the strawberry party sounds so sweet! I'm dying to see more from that. Hope she has a wonderful birthday! :-)

  5. aren't you SO GLAD we have an IKEA!? whoo-hoo ;)

  6. Oh, I'm so happy to see a new post over at the Nest!! :-) Sounds like you're doing well, and I can not WAIT to see the nursery. You have a ton of great BARGAINS...I love the bedding (I've never seen before).

    I also think it's adorable that your 4-year-old requested a strawberry party. :-)

    xo, Laura

  7. These strawberry toppers are so cute!! Daisy~


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