Wednesday, October 22, 2008

we found out our new little chick will be a...


That's right, after two girls, we are being blessed with a boy! We were both sort of hoping for a boy, but since our track record has been all-female thus far, we were trying to prepare ourselves for another girl. Woohoo! So, let the nursery decorating begin! I've been checking out the real-life inspiring nurseries over at ohdeedoh (which is a cool blog by apartment therapy that's all about decorating for kids) and getting lots of ideas from some super-chic mommas. I'm beginning to unearth the disaster that is (was) our home office and am slowly trying to find new homes - or recycling bins - for all the *STUFF* we've crammed in there for the last five years. It will become the new nursery.

I'm loving bright, happy, retro-inspired colors right now. Aqua, red, orange, and green in particular are really appealing to me. Check out this cute bedding set as an example:

With aqua-colored walls, brightly painted furniture and whimsical, retro fun would that be?

Since budget is definitely a concern, and since this is Baby #3, the poor thing won't get quite the same amount of moolah spent on him as my first daughter did. But, that doesn't mean I have to sacrifice style. Check out this set from Target (a limited-time collection by DwellStudio) - only $79.99 for a 4-piece crib bedding set!

DwellStudio for Target bedding collection - Circles

Cate Cordelia's Modern Library - ohdeedoh

So, can I just say how hard it's been to make myself stay away from blogland? Well, I've still been "lurking" on my favorite blogs, but haven't even been commenting. It's like I've got to break the habit or something, so I've been trying to go cold-turkey. I have to admit, I've been getting a lot more accomplished in the real world recently without the pressure of writing frequent posts. But I couldn't NOT check in with you all and give you an update! In fact, you may get a few more of these "surprise" posts over the coming months.

There is nothing like the blessing
Of a bouncing, baby boy
He will fill your home with energy
And touch your heart with joy.
He’ll hug you and bug you
And try you within
But each precious memory
You’ll treasure again and again.
~ Linda LaTourelle


  1. It's nice to read a post from you again! I really love all those happy colors you've chosen. Oh..and...


    (hoping to see your nursery once you're "finished" with it)

  2. What pretty nurseries! I'm so excited for you. Little boys are a lot of fun.

    My sister-in-law was asking me to do a post about nurseries that would inspire her (she just had her baby last month). In the meantime, I'll send her over here to see yours!

    Thanks for the update, Courtney. :-)

  3. Congratulations Courtney, what wonerful news!

    Just as you couldn't help posting I couldn't help checking whether there was a new post (you know just in case)

  4. Congratulations! Awwwww. You'll have a little mama's boy! Fun!

    I love your nursery ideas, can't wait to see what you do. I need to follow your lead about getting offline. Good for you.

  5. Oh, yay! I just caught you on Twitter! Congratulations on Sonny. ;-)

  6. Congrats on the BOY!!! I'm very happy for you. I love that bedding from Target. WOW. Things sure have come along way since I had a baby!

  7. Congrats!
    Boys are so much fun & full of energy, non-stop1

  8. Love your blog. Have nver posted before. Congrats on your happy news. You'll LOVE having a boy. They love their mommy SO much!!! Can't wait to see how you nest for a boy!

  9. Courtney- Aunt Lavisa and Sally told me about your blog/business. You do awesome work! I'm so happy you are having a boy. We have four boys and they are a lot of fun. :)

  10. Congrats Courtney! That is great! Youre in my thoughts.. and I hope you have a comfortable healthy rest of your pregnancy!
    Take Care

  11. Congrats!!! Have a safe and happy Halloween! just think of the cute costume you can get him next year!!!
    kari & kijsa

  12. Congrats to you both! These pictures are adorable!

  13. congrats, gotta love those bouncing boys


  14. Congrats on the boy after two girls. I can tell you a thing or two about is the same situation we had with our kids! you'll have fun with it!


  15. wow! congradulations! A boy is so exciting! Cant wait to see what you do with the room!! :)

    By the way, I am having a giveaway on my blog! I would love for your to stop by and check it out! :)

  16. Yay!! Congrats on the new baby boy-to be!! You will love being the mum to a little boy. They truly do love their mummies, and you will have so much fun seeing the differences that little boys bring!

    This is good news, indeed!!
    Take care of yourself, Courtney, and enjoy your break!!


  17. Congratulations on a boy... mine is 28 ... ooooh they grow fast..

  18. Oh Congratulations!!!!! Creating a nursery is DEFINATELY Nesting Instincts!


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